• Ana Bailoni

Why do you work out?

To me working out is more than achieving a desired physical outcome. It's about creating the right mindset for my day, for my life.

When I show up for a workout, I show up for a challenge. When I push myself through tough physical challenges - the discomfort, the pain, the uncertainty of whether or not I'm capable - I show myself every day what caliber of woman I am. Every day that I show up for my workout, I show myself that I'm the kind of woman who chooses what's right over what's easy or comfortable. And every time that I show myself that, I believe it. I create this ingrained belief that I am capable. That I'm powerful. That I can do hard things and come out stronger. That I can rise above my momentary feelings. And that empowered self-image transfers over to all other challenges in my life. When my relationships get tough, when business isn't going as well as I want it to, when life throws a curve ball, when depression starts peeking its ugly head through, when clients quit, when loved ones are hurting - in all of that, there's a quiet yet powerful voice that thunders below: "You are greater than this."

And all of that because I chose not to skip my workouts.


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