• Ana Bailoni

What fitness did for me... and what it can do for you.

As a gym, our mission at Rio is to empower as many people as possible through fitness.

That mission didn't come about randomly. These aren't just words I decided to put on a paper because I liked how they sound. This mission came from my own experience with fitness: years ago, I found my own power through fitness.

Meeting me now you'd probably never guess that I was as sedentary as they come. I couldn't even run a mile. Heck, I couldn't run 5 minutes! People who knew me from my high school and college years would never describe me as "that fit girl." Not even close! My fitness journey begins with a very common story: I wasn't happy with how I looked and I wanted to lose weight. At the time I didn't know anything about fitness or weight loss, so I started doing what common wisdom taught: run. Want to lose weight? Run, right? So I did. On my own, at first, running on the treadmill (in the air conditioned gym with a TV in front of my face, thank you). I remember the first time I ran 2 kilometer (less than a mile and half) without stopping. I was so proud of myself! I never thought I could do that. But I did!

I never thought I could do that. But I didI

That set a quiet excitement in me to keep going. To do more. Two kilometers turned into 3, turned into 5 and one day I ran a full 10 kilometers - without stopping!

I was addicted.

Addicted to doing "the impossible," addicted to the "what now?," addicted to how my body and mind felt after hard physical activity.

And something inside me changed. I started thinking of myself as someone who can do these hard things. Someone who can break barriers. One day I had an epiphany, like someone turned on a light bulb in my brain: "I wanted to become a runner, and I made myself a runner - from nothing." And inside me started growing a curious excitement about what else I could metamorphose into. I joined a running group, made friends, ran in events and races - I was having a blast.

But I still wasn't losing any weight.

Then came another step completely outside of my comfort zone and my realm of known things - I had to change how I was eating. I had to "diet." So I hired a nutritionist, and with my newfound confidence and sense of self, I made myself do the things she told me, no matter how unfamiliar, how unlike my current habits they were. Week after week, the pounds melted off.

Finally, my body reflected how I felt!

But beyond that, I understood for the first the direct connection between the things I chose to eat and how my body looked and felt. I was hooked. Not on losing weight, not on healthy eating, but on the entire idea of physical transformation through choice. I felt and became truly empowered. And like any good disciple recently born again, I just had to share my newfound insights with others. Everyone had to try out this fitness thing! If I could do it, anybody could, and I wanted them to know that.

A decade later, here is Rio Fitness. Born out of love and awe. For myself, for humans and our unlimited ability for not just evolution but self evolution. And my deepest desire for Rio Fitness today is that we become a fun and safe space for people to find their own power through fitness.

I wonder - what can you do with all that potential sitting inside of you? We help people find their fitness in lots of different ways - group classes, personal training, nutrition coaching, and online coaching. I wonder which, or which combination, is right for you in this season of your life.

One of my passions as a gym owner is connecting with people, like you, hearing their story and coming along side them to help them discover a new passion! If you'd like to connect, schedule a conversation with me. We'll sit down, discuss your goals, your life's journey so far and together come up with a plan that will get you where you want to be!

Not ready to sit down just yet but want to kick start your new lifestyle? Download my free transformation plan here. It's an 8 strategy plan full of actionable information to transform your life and body today.


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