• Ana Bailoni

At home workout with Rio!

In this workout, you'll work your entire body with some challenging movements. I'll be there every step of the way to keep you going and guide you through every interval.

If you have workout equipment, you'll need:

  • a set of dumbbells (light to moderate)

  • a short stool or chair

  • a kettlebell or slam ball

  • a jump rope

If you don't have any of that stuff, no worries! Every movement has a no-equipment modification, and don't think that just because it doesn't require equipment it's going to be any easier!

All you have to do is set up your workout station, read over the instructions, and hit play on your favorite device. Enjoy a great workout and check out what our live classes are like every day!

The workout (About 40 minutes)

Warm up

50 basic jumps (jump rope) or jumping jack

5 dive bomber push ups


1-2" deep squat with ankle stretches

5 goblet squats

Strength skill

5x 8-12 (each leg) box pistol squats OR reverse lunges

Strength conditioning

40" of work / 20" of recovery for each movement:

Overhead lunge (forward or reverse)

Dumbbell push press OR push ups

KB swings OR slam balls OR burpees

Hollow hold

4 x

Stretching / cool down

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And come back here when you're done to book your No-Sweat Intro. If you enjoy how awesome this workout makes you feel, imagine how much more motivating it will be when you join our live classes and have me as your personal stay-at-home fitness coach!


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