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What makes us different from everybody else?

Every aspect of our system was designed with you in mind: from the scheduling process to the equipment selection. 

Here are 7 ways we make fitness easier for you. 


Flexible Scheduling

We know schedules can get hectic and we don't want anything to get in the way of your fitness. Members can use our app to register for classes, cancel, and switch at your convenience. Register for classes day by day, week by week, or set up your entire month if you'd like. No reserved spots, first come, first serve basis!


Small classes

Just big enough to get the energy and motivation of a group class, but small enough for personal attention and individual care. Groups will never have more than 8 participants, and there's plenty of equipment for everybody.  


Strength Training 

Wanna eat pizza and have abs too? Only with strength training. Lifting weights safely and progressively will not only change the shape of your body - giving you a lean, sculpted look, but it will also change how well your metabolism transfers energy and burns fat, even at rest!


No long-term contract

Don't worry, we hate being trapped into a membership too. While we do want your business, we don't want to trick you to keep paying us. We're confident our programs can help you get fitter and stronger, and we want you to experience those results for yourself. 


Lifestyle Training

We mentioned abs and pizza earlier, remember? We teach you the lifestyle that will allow you to enjoy the foods you like, in an intelligent, sensible way. There are 6 lifestyle principles that, if followed every day, will get you lean and keep you lean without too much sacrifice. As a matter of fact, you can download those principles right now, right here.


Trainers who care

Relationships are powerful drivers, and trainers are human, too! When there's never more than 8 people in a class, it's easy to make connections and create bonds. And trainers who care deliver good services! Not to mention the friends you'll make as you sweat together.


Unlimited classes at an affordable price 

We know not many people can afford a personal trainer 5x a week - or even 2 x for that matter. We crunched the numbers to make the best fitness accessible and effective for you. For only $179 you get unlimited classes per month, and you even have an option to get 2 personal training sessions for only $99 when you begin your membership so that you can feel confident to join the group classes.